Why Studio City Needs A Dog on Neighborhood Council

It’s me Heidi, not Diane, to tell you why a dog would be a good for local government especially if it was me


One thing I notice when I am out walking is that a lot of people in Studio City are dogs.  In fact sometimes you see one people walking two dogs so maybe there are even more dogs than peoples.   This is why I am writing about this issue before the election on September 20, that’s Thursday, at Walter Reed Middle School.

I didn’t get to go to for peoples who want to get elected to run our town. Diane didn’t take me so I was bored at home.  But also I am not sure I would have gotten into the meeting even with her and my leash because I am a dog.  Which is a problem we wouldn’t have if there was only one dog, even a small dog, on the Neighborhood Council.

One of the pictures with this column is a photo of a sign I saw on an apartment house when I was out walking on Tujunga Boulevard:  HIPPIES USE BACK DOOR. NO EXCEPTIONS.  This is unfair just like another sign near Tujunga that my    Sometimes if you are a dog you feel like a hippie or an actor because there are places you can’t go.  I would make exceptions for all the dogs, the hippies and the actors.

I watched a lot of the Republicans and the Democrats too on TV in my house during their conventions, so I know a lot about politics.  One way they could have less speeches is that instead of having vice presidential candidates, each party could just have one candidate for president and then the one who wins gets to be President and the other one gets to be Vice President like Joe is now.  That way no one loses and everybody would have to cooperate.  It’s like if I got elected president it would be super-OK with me if my V.P. was a cat.  But peoples don’t seem to like my idea.

But it’s too bad our Neighborhood Council candidates don’t have running mates because mine could be Justin Bie  Justin Bieber’s picture is right above mine (see photo).  I am not sure he lives in Studio City anymore but once he did, and since we are both celebrities we would be good running mates, although looking at his traffic record . But I am not nominated so I guess it doesn’t matter.

I would be good on Neighborhood Council because I notice things and I remember what they smell like too.  One thing happened to me last weekend in another place, El Segundo, that I thought would be good to have here in Studio City:  and I took our peoples out for lunch at a place you would like called Rock & Brews, and there they had a dog menu and even “Bowser Beer.”  I didn’t like the dog beer, but Louie did because he likes everything that’s to eat. And what I did like is that the beer was for us! I know a lot of restaurants in Studio City are dog friendly but sometimes we appreciate cocktails and a menu, too. But puppies shouldn’t have the dog beer; that leads to dropping out of obedience training and a life of crime. 

Also I don’t want you to think if I was on the council I would only think about dogs. I also think about the peoples of our fine community. In fact one thing I saw on my walk recently is perfect for peoples:  Outside somebody’s house were two shiny clean white toilets and a sign saying you could use them for free (see photo)! I always thought it was too bad we dogs can go anywhere but peoples have to wait until they get home. But with these they wouldn’t have to wait anymore, plus you could wave at everybody who is walking by.

Unfortunately by the time I went back to inspect the toilets again later in the day to see if they were up to my high standards, they were gone.  I do not approve of stealing things unless they are your own, so I would pledge to get more of these for Studio City and call my program Heidicares. But then, I am not on the ballot because I am a dog.

Sam Humeid September 15, 2012 at 08:22 AM
As the current proud owner of two rescue dogs, and a zoo of rescue animals in my history, I found this story delightful. Heidi, tell your person I am running for Studio City Neighborhood Council, and I am the only candidate with dogs on my platform. Tell Diane to visit www.Sam4SCNC.com and have her email me suggestions for making Studio City more dog friendly.
Ben Di Benedetto September 15, 2012 at 05:59 PM
Having served 2 terms on the SCNC (one as President) I can say without hesitation that your political instincts, Heidi, are superb and the Neighborhood Council would benefit from your service! I particularly like your President/Vice President idea and I feel that you would be an ideal council member when it comes to bipartisan cooperation! Sadly, the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment isn’t allowing write in candidates (too bad, I won election last time as write in – and if I could do it, I’m sure you could with your instincts – let alone your ability to sniff out deception!), but there is always next time! Perhaps the new board will create an honorary position for you after they are seated! Ben Di Benedetto
Diane Haithman September 16, 2012 at 04:45 AM
Oh yes, Mr. Ben Di Benedetto, I would love to be honorary and I hope you will ask the board when you are on it! I am very good at things like that. Also, I can shake hands and play dead. Also every time my peoples vote I go to the polling place and they put the little sticker saying I voted on my collar! -- Thank you, Heidi
Diane Haithman September 16, 2012 at 04:46 AM
Yes Mr. Sam Humeid, I will ask Diane to got to that website as soon as I tell her all my ideas for Studio City. I'll start thinking right now! -- Thanks, Heidi
Ben Di Benedetto September 16, 2012 at 09:14 PM
Sadly, Heidie, I am nt running this time, but I will be gals to ask the council about an honorary spot for you as a stakeholder! I'm sure I'm right about your political instincts, especially after hearing that you can shake hands and play dead! Every politician needs those skills! How are you at rolling over? I think if you can do that perhaps we should consider a higher office!


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