Actress Dakota Fanning Graduates From Campbell Hall

Despite her fame, the 'Runaways' star manages to have a pretty normal high school experience.

Dakota Fanning, who became a famous child and teen film star with roles in War of the Worlds, The Runaways and the Twilight film series, graduated from North Hollywood's Campbell Hall on Tuesday, various media outlets, including Perez Hilton, reported.

Despite her fame, Fanning apparently managed to have a pretty normal high school experience. She was elected the homecoming queen two years in a row and also was a cheerleader.

Last year she said on the Today Show, “I think it was really important to have the high school experience. I just think everyone always looks back on that time in their life,” she said. “Who was homecoming princess and [did] the cheerleading … and all the things that go along with high school? And I wanted to have that. I’m really lucky that I found a school that allows me to do both.”

Fanning is off to New York University in the fall.


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