UPDATE: Deasy Meets with Principals to Discuss the Future of Charter Schools

A meeting on Wednesday afternoon will discuss just that.

UPDATE: Superintendent John Deasy told Patch that the meeting was between his charter school principals and him and was not opened to the public.

Hesby Oaks mother Heather Thompson from Encino was planning a parent protest to let them know they hope to keep charter schools, but she was asked to stop the protest.

"I would have been the only one out there," Thompson told Patch. "When three other schools backed out, we decided not to do the protest. But, it makes me wonder why they were so concerned that we would be out there protesting?"

Two police officers were outside the Riverside Elementary School auditorium where other media outlets were also turned away.

The meeting Wednesday afternoon was to discuss the future of the charter school system in California. Along with Deasy, LAUSD Charter School Division Director Jose Cole Gutierrez was also in attendance. They were discussing ideas that were being made at a state level.

The idea of ending charter and charter-affiliate schools locally is disturbing to parents at schools such as Carpenter Community Charter and Colfax Charter that spent years forming the charter-affiliate system.

George P Vogt III April 18, 2013 at 01:07 AM
Poor John Deasy -- he rarely, if ever, does any business in public. IF he can help it. That's his MO. Look at his history in Malibu -- when he was ordered to conduct business at least pseudo-transparently, he resigned. Oh, yeah, quit his job. Some opined, at the time, he did so in order to avoid further focus, and possible prosecution. No, not your trustworthy public servant. More like I-am-your-superior-in-every-way-Henry-Kissinger kind of guy. And so it goes..............................


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