Carpenter Kids Learn About Being Blind, Deaf, in a Wheelchair and More [PHOTOs]

Another festival celebrating diversity is held at Carpenter Community Charter.

They learned what it was like to be deaf, or blind, or dyslexic.

They learned about walking in crutches, or using a wheelchair, or what it feels like to be numb over most of your body.

It was the the second annual Every Kid Counts Fair held at

Robin Berlin, who organized this year's event, said, “Every kid Counts is focused on acknowledging differences celebrating our differences, and making a difference. At Carpenter, we are trying to lead the way in LAUSD to increase awareness and sensitivity about kids who have unique learning challenges."

Berlin added that the Fair is  "To make students and the community more aware, mindful and compassionate toward people with differences, whether they are physical, mental or learning difference. We try to create awareness of diversity in abilities and to foster education, communication, resources and support for students and their families."

Among the special guests coming to the school to talk werefrom the Disney Channel to talk about her struggles with dyslexia, and deaf comedienne Kathy Buckley
 showed how she learned how to speak through vibrations. Buckley is in charge of No Limites based in Culver City.

"This is the way I learned to talk, and how to modulate," Buckley said. "The children love to see what it's like."

Andrew Barrett, from the school's PTA, said, "We have a significant population of students who have special needs, about 10 percent, and through some of the exercises and fun challenges we have here we are showing a little of what it is like to walk in their shoes."

Berlin said the Chi-Town Breakers who did a breakdancing demonstration were particularly an inspiration because the team of brothers and sisters were living in a car not too long ago.

During their demonstration, one of the sisters, Spinderella, performed an amazing spin while reading the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and writing a letter to Brittany in 

Berlin wrote small bios of famous people who overcame their diversities, such as Cher, Tom Cruise, Walt Disney and the guy who wrote Captain Underpants.

There's also a pledge that students were asked to sign?

Taking the Kindness & Compassion Pledge for Every Kid Counts!

I pledge to be kind to others, to embrace our differences and celebrate the fact that each of us is unique.

I pledge to be kind and compassionate to all, understanding that everyone I meet may be facing a challenge I know nothing about.

I understand that everyone has different abilities and talents and that we all deserve to be treated with respect.

I pledge to be the best friend I can be.

Check out the photo gallery above and add some of you orwn.

E.M. Fredric April 23, 2012 at 06:39 PM
This article makes my heart soar! Schools are finally opening their minds - allow our kids to be our leaders by their own understanding and experiences. Great piece.


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