Day 10: Countdown to the Colfax World Fair – Corn and Balloons on a Stick

The biggest annual event in Valley Village takes place Saturday, June 2.

The Colfax World Fair is coming to Valley Village in just 10 days, and the excitement is brewing. We continue with our daily count by featuring another five great items you’ll see at the event.

Attraction: Speed Racer Challenge Jr.

This huge obstacle course is 23 feet long, 42 feet wide and 12 feet tall – bigger than some homes!  There are four 6-foot climbers, four 6-foot slides, and two obstacle courses. Kids can race each other from opposite corners as they bump into racing tires, maneuver around pop ups and logs, and crawl through the tunnels. Go Speed Racers! Go!

Special Area: Balloon Booth

Outgoing PTA President Maribel Garcia owns the popular Balloon Decorations ‘R’ Us on the southeast corner of Moorpark and Laurel Canyon. She’ll be running the Balloon Booth and providing a variety of foil balloons and balloons on a stick. The stick versions are great for kids old enough to keep something in their hands. Just make sure they’re not so young that they try to stick it in their eye (or yours). Foil balloons will come in a variety of shapes including flowers, moons, stars, ocean animals, and characters like Elmo or the Princesses. These are a great alternative to the very embarrassing “kid on a leash” restraint systems, because all you need to do is follow Elmo to find your kid. Unless there are six dozen Elmos at the fair. Then you should probably get a leash.

Food Vendor: Corn Heaven

This is a new vendor for the Colfax World Fair, and they will be serving delicious roasted corn with a variety of special seasonings. Corn Heaven calls it: “A gourmet experience never before tasted with corn.” They’ll also be grinding up refreshing shaved ice with your choice of flavor. It’s sure to be a big hit if it turns out to be a hot day. If it’s chilly, just order more hot corn.

Entertainment: DJ Jerry Antonelli

Longtime Colfax dad Jerry Antonelli has already moved on to Walter Reed, but he is such an amazing DJ, we just had to have him back another year at Colfax. He knows absolutely everything about music and his iTunes collection must number in the millions. He’s the DJ of choice for every party in Valley Village and Studio City. Go on over and introduce yourself at the fair and have a great time talking music trivia.

Silent Auction Item: Capella Salon Hair Cut w/ Shai Amiel

Shai is not only Colfax’s PTA co-president, he is also the owner of Capella Salon in Studio City. Shai is one of a very few select stylists around the country to master the famed Devachun Cut for curly hair.  He is an artist who truly loves his craft.  He’s also a pro at Facebook. Take a look at his photo of The Perfect Redhead.

The Colfax Word Fair takes place Saturday, June 2nd from 12:00 noon – 7:00 pm at Colfax Charter Elementary School, 11724 Addison St., Valley Village, 91607. Admission is free and all money raised pays for student programs at Colfax. Silent auction items can be viewed by logging clicking here.


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