Day 11: Countdown to the Colfax World Fair – Time to Put on a Thai

The biggest annual event in Valley Village takes place Saturday, June 2.

For today’s Countdown to the Colfax World Fair, we’ve put together a Thai theme for all our featured items. These are just some of the fun-filled things you can find Saturday, June 2 at the Colfax World Fair.

Attraction: Big Wave Water Slide

Right now, Thailand is entering its monsoon season, and what better way to celebrate endless buckets of water than with this double slide? The slides are eight feet high and 23 feet long, and the sliders race each other and end their journey by splashing into a pool. Unlike Thailand’s humid climate, Southern California is desert country, so when you grab a towel and dry off, you actually stay dried off.

Special Event: My Little Garden: A Planting Party

All that rain in Thailand brings beautifully lush foliage. You can bring a little Thailand home with you by visiting our Planting Party booth, where you can plant your own seed and watch it grow. Growing takes a little while, so you may plan to do something else in the meantime. Maybe race another friend down the Big Wave Water Slide.

Food Vendor:

Chat Thai made their maiden visit to the Colfax World Fair last year, and they were a huge hit! Enjoy a delicious Thai meal at the fair, get hooked, and then make Chat one of your regular weekly meals. Their restaurant is located on Burbank between Lankershim and Vineland.

Entertainment: Muay Thai

Muay Thai School USA will be demonstrating this unique martial art, which is also called the “art of eight limbs” because it uses fists, legs, knees and elbows as fighting weapons. Muay Thai evolved when soldiers who lost their weapons in battle used their bodies to defend themselves. Be sure you bring your high-speed camera or their roundhouse kicks may be a blur. See the attached flyer for their June 25-29 summer camp.

Silent Auction Item: At One Fitness Muay Thai

You might win a one month membership to At One Fitness, located in NoHo near Lankershim and Magnolia, offering Muay Thai, dance classes, and personal training in their state-of-the-art gym. This is the only school in the United States that is recommended by the Sport Authority of Thailand and by the WBC Muay Thai. Dance classes include Zumba, hip-hop, cardio jam, jazz, capoeira fusion and Billy Blanks Jr.’s newest creation “Dance with Me,” a high energy, cardio dance workout that is infused with all styles of world dance. Take both dance and Muay Thai and that way while you’re out dancing in a club you can defend yourself in the mosh pit.

The Colfax Word Fair takes place Saturday, June 2 from noon – 7 p.m. at Colfax Charter Elementary School, 11724 Addison St., Valley Village, 91607. Admission is free and all money raised pays for student programs at Colfax. Silent auction items can be viewed by logging clicking here.


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