Day 7: Countdown to the Colfax World Fair – Meet the Parents

The biggest annual event in Valley Village takes place Saturday, June 2.

The Colfax World Fair is run on volunteers – and lots of them. Colfax suggests that every parent should commit to volunteering for three hours during the fair, but there are some who will be literally moving in to Colfax for the day, or have already worked many hours in preparation. Meet some of our amazing Colfax parents:

Special Area: Hair Flair

Jennifer Ellenberg is a master hairstylist who created the very popular Suburbia Salon on Ventura Boulevard and Carpenter Avenue in Studio City.  Jennifer will be running the Hair Flair Booth where girls (and boys – she’s an equal opportunity hair stylist) can get fast and fabulous braids and accessories. Jennifer’s oldest daughter Annabell graduated from Colfax five years ago, so we’re fortunate that her daughter Magnolia won’t be leaving for another 2 years.

Food Vendor: The Famous East Bay Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Every 4th of July, the residents of Camillia Street in Valley Village throw a fabulous block party. Rumor has it that that resident Barry Berkowitz served up a chicken sandwich that had his neighbors drooling till Labor Day. Barry calls them “sweet and savory” and his trade secret is a healthy portion of coleslaw on the sandwich. Barry is dad to 2nd grader Justin, so we hope he’ll be back at the Food Court making our mouths water for at least a few more years.

Entertainment: Zumba

This is the 4th year that Jodie Roland Patterson will be grooving up a storm with Zumba. She spent 6 years at Colfax with her daughter Jenae and will be returning in 2013 when her daughter Jordyn starts kindergarten. Jodie’s company ART in Motion promotes fitness through dance, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles in an effort to prevent childhood obesity. Her 2008 zumba performance featured six 3rd graders, and this year it has grown to 25 kids ranging in age from 6 to 12. Jodie and the kids have been preparing for months, and will be dancing to Superbass Mashup Mix by Nicki Minaj, Run the World Mashup Mix by Beyonce, and the 6th graders’ signature dance – the Michael Jackson Megamix

Silent Auction Item: Steele Kitchen Jams

Rachael Steele’s daughter Talulla graduated from Colfax two years ago, but like so many parents at Colfax, Rachael stayed on and now teaches 5th grade. Ever since 2004 Rachael has been donating her delicious organic homemade jams. This year some lucky winner will take home three eight oz. jars of delectable yumminess – nectarine, flavorosa pluot, and strawberry peach. 

Booth: Volunteer Booth

If there was a time clock at Colfax, moms Cathy Fromkin and Jamie Garson would have proof that they frequently put in a full day. These gals are in charge of the volunteers for the Colfax World Fair, and they’ve been updating their excel spreadsheet every day. Besides the 700 man hours needed to run the air on Saturday, Cathy and Jamie must schedule hundreds more for Thursday and Friday set up and Sunday clean up. Besides Colfax parents, we all love having other members of the community participate. For anyone who would like to join in on the fun, or students who need community hours in order to graduate, please contact Cathy or Jamie at cfromkin@sbcglobal.net or jamiegarson@att.net.

The Colfax Word Fair takes place Saturday, June 2nd from 12:00 noon – 7:00 pm at Colfax Charter Elementary School, 11724 Addison St., Valley Village, 91607. Admission is free and all money raised pays for student programs at Colfax. Silent auction items can be viewed by logging clicking here.

Shannon Allbright May 26, 2012 at 05:40 PM
Great article Cathy!!! I LOVED those chicken sandwiches last year.... can't wait to have one this year :) Shannon Allbright


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