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Elementary Schools Enjoy the Endeavour Flyover

Valley View and Rio Vista Elementary Schools show their enthusiasm for the shuttle flyover.

The elementary schools of Studio City all turned out to see the shuttle piggyback to Los Angeles last week.

Valley View Elementary School Principal Susan Kim sent out video of their 250 students watching it fly over the Cahuenga Pass.

She sent an email with the videos above saying:

"Today was a very exciting day for all of us as we were able to witness three fly-bys of the space shuttle Endeavor.   The students were so excited to see the space shuttle pass by as well as hear and feel it above us.  I’ve attached two video clips that partly captures the excitement that we all felt today and a picture of the shuttle taken from one of our very own students.  Enjoy!"

At Rio Vista Elementary School, the teachers were unclear when the shuttle was flying over and they didn't want the children to be out too long in the heat.

PTA President at Rio Vista, Cathlin Hidalgo-Polvani said the timing was perfect because it happened during lunch, and the school is so close to Universal Studios, where it circled twice.

"All our kiddos were out on the play yard running back and forth screaming of course. Thanks to our awesome School Staff for keeping track and announcing it!" she wrote on the school's Facebook page.

Parent Melissa Lynch added, "My kiddo keeps telling me: "It was a once in a lifetime experience, mom..."

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