Meet Gisele Hoffer, New Second Grade Teacher

A new face at Valley View Elementary School, and five questions from the PTA.

A Hoffer You Can't Refuse


I've been teaching for 8 years with LAUSD. Prior to that I was the coordinator for an AmeriCorps program called I Have A Dream Foundation (IHAD).  IHAD is a drop-out prevention program that works in elementary schools.  This is where I fell in love with teaching. I realized at the end of he day nothing made me happier than helping kids, of all ages, succeed.  

I am a native Californian. I was raised in Los Feliz and have been fortunate enough to have studied and lived abroad. I love traveling and have traveled to many countries, mostly in Europe. My husband and I even got married in Europe a little over five years ago. 

I also enjoy gardening, cooking, spending time with my loved ones, and reading. I never thought I would read the Hunger Games, but my previous class (a group of outstanding fifth graders) talked me into reading it, and I have to admit I enjoyed it!  

I have a three year old who is a budding biologist. He loves marine biology and consequently I've learned more about whales, sea stars, seashells, crabs, and sharks then I ever had in my life. I recently took him whale watching and we saw two blue whales... A truly humbling experience to see the largest mammal to have ever lived on earth. 

 Q1: What is your favorite occupation?

GH: My favorite occupation is being a mom to my three year old son. These years have been the hardest yet most rewarding years of my life. Watching him grow and become the expressive, opinionated little man he is today is such a joy. No matter what my daily challenges may be he always seems to help me forget them; often making me laugh. I look forward to spending the rest of my life in occupation.

Q2: Who is your favorite author?

GH: My favorite author/writer is William Shakespeare. I fell in love with his work in ninth grade when I took a Shakespeare class for my elective. My teacher was amazing!! I attribute my love of Shakespeare to her genuine love of teaching.  We read sonnets and many tragedies and comedies. My favorite tragedy is King Lear, a wonderful play about human nature and relations.

Q3: What are your hidden talents?

GH: My hidden talents ... I have a green thumb and I'm pretty good in the kitchen. Both talents I inherited from my mom. She can bring any plant back to life, and cooking is not following a recipe in her kitchen, rather it's a pinch of this and that and ... Perfection. 

Q4: What is your motto?

GH: There are many mottos I like to live by, but one that tops my list is Benjamin Franklin's, "Well done is better than well said."

Q5: If you were to trade places with a fictional character, who would it be and why?

GH: If I were to trade places with a fictional character of course it would be Wonder Woman! Not only is she a super hero, but she's beautiful and incredibly smart. I would love to be an amazon who flies her very own invisible plane.

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