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Middle Schoolers Squeal for Shuttle [VIDEO]

School was out to watch the shuttle.

The Walter Reed Middle School students squealed and screamed as they watched the shuttle Endeavour piggyback across the Studio City skies.

“It was a real treat for them to see it, I’m glad we got to,” said Principal Donna Tobin. “Please don’t show them running around like that, though.”

 The sixth, seventh and eighth graders couldn’t contain themselves. Tobin was trying to time the children standing out in the play yard just right because it was approaching 100 degrees again outside. Of course, the shuttle didn’t follow the pre-announced plan and it came in from the Griffith Park area rather than the Getty Museum.

But it was still impressive. Teachers Kate Mansfield, Patty Eskander and Don Helverson were among the teachers outside in the heat with their students watching the skies.

“We talked about it in the morning and the significance of it being the last one,” Helverson said. “They were pretty jazzed up about seeing it."

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