Movie Night Turns Into Music Night at Carpenter

Denise DaVinci promises a night of music, and some big surprises toward the end of the school year.

promises a night of music, and some big surprises toward the end of the school year.

started a tradition of a Movie Night, which Principal said, “Is just a time for family and community fun, not a fundraiser, not a stressful time.”

They had a last year in May but they had to wait longer for the sun to go down before running the film—and some didn’t make it through the movie. Earlier this year, they tried a very successful fall .

“This summer, we’re going to turn it into a Music Night,” DaVinci explained to the school on Thursday. “Everything else will be the same.”

There will still be a place for families to spread out blankets. There will still be two LAPD officers for security, and there will be food trucks and Pinkberry. Also, the visiting will be back in town again. But, this year, there will be four to six musical acts from some of the more famous parents at the school.

She won’t say who is performing yet, but the names of the performers will be announced just before the free event, scheduled for May 25.  (An alternative date is the next Friday, June 1.) It will last from 5 p.m. to about 8:30 p.m.

“I can guarantee that there will be a lot of excitement when you find out who we will have performing,” DaVinci promised.

The Governance Council unanimously approved the idea.



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