Mr. G Runs the Marathon for Valley View

The elementary school teacher uses the marathon to help raise money for a Family Field Day for the school.

Dave Getzoff will be running the Los Angeles Marathon, rain or shine, Sunday so he can help 250 children at Valley View Elementary School with their athletic Family Field Day.

For the past six year, the teacher (who has taught second grade and now teaches fifth and sixth) will run the marathon, and it has been a catalyst for the school raising about $1,500 for an end-of-the-year field day that involves the whole school, all the teachers and parents, too.

When he ran the Los Angeles Marathon, Getzoff—who is known around school as "Mr. G"—said he realized that the 26-mile run could inspire others. He will be proudly wearing his Valley View T-shirt along the way. The money helps to fund the buses for this unique all-school field trip.

"I realized that when I could run the marathon I could do anything, and together with teamwork, you can do anything," Getzoff said. The entire school comes out to play, with parents and all the teachers. They divide up into teams of mixed grades and ages and face challenges together with building blocks, a parachute, balls and rings. 

People can still help the project by dropping off donations at the school office.

Mr. G said, 

Thank you for your continued support of me for the LA Marathon and Valley View Family Field Day. Field Day is the culminating event funded by the donations from the Marathon.

It is designed to simulate what the Marathon experience has meant for me: taking yourself out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself, and supporting each other to achieve a goal.

During Field Day, students are put in groups of all different grade levels and then they work together as they move through the various stations. The stations are designed to be challenging, fun, and to have students build on their teamwork skills.

All students who participate in Field Day receive a medal so they can walk away with a feeling of accomplishment. A healthy lunch is provided for our students as we are also trying to promote healthy living. This day cannot happen without your support. Please donate any amount that you can, and we will also be asking for volunteers to help with Field Day, which will be held on a date to be determined in June. Thank you for everything.

Family Field Day photos of the past, click here.

Run, Mr. G, Run!


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