Local Schools Encourage Reading with Their Parents [Video]

All schools in Studio City have Family Readers Day programs on site with parents involved.

Family Readers Day is a time at the local schools when parents, grandparents, uncles and community leaders can come on campus and read with the children.

Wednesday was the day that Oakwood, Campbell Hall, Carpenter, Rio Vista Elementary School and Valley View had times when parents came in and flipped through a book with their children.

This time of year it was spooky Halloween stories for the most part. In Suzi Reisman's second grade class at Valley View, one parent ducked into a "reading cave" that the students created. (See video.)

Some schools invite the parents in two or three times a year to read with the students in class.

Click on the school site for the special reading program there:

* Carpenter's Reading Media Lab

* Campbell Hall elementary school's parent involvement

* Oakwood School 

See more about reading programs in our Patch Reads section.

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Check out the videos and photos with parents, and if you have a few photos or videos of your own, please add them.

Barbara Krause October 25, 2012 at 01:30 PM
Sounds great and hope that more schools are able to do this. When I taught in a disadvantaged area in Chicago a wonderful well to do woman would drive often to the school over the weeks and years and read with the pupils.
E.M. Fredric October 26, 2012 at 09:16 PM
BookPals from SAG also helps many schools - I signed up for schools and hospitals after benefiting from a wonderful elderly woman who came to tell us stories. I've never forgotten her or the worlds she enriched our lives by creating as she spoke her stories aloud. A teacher allowed me to come show the class a story - happy they're implementing more now - hope all schools follow the leader.


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