The Humanities Academy's 6th Grade Egypt Museum

Before everyone left Walter Reed to finish shopping and spend vacation time with their families, sixth graders in Humanities Academy put on an arts and crafts history show for the Technology Academy. Tech Academy shot and filmed it.

Linda Gold, 6th Grade English and History teacher at's Humanities Academy, called the Technology Academy one day and said, "We're doing a display of Ancient Egypt projects, if you'd like to visit us." Tech Academy agreed to not only visit, but to document the event for posterity.

Ms. Gold's classes in Humanities Academy are famous for creating plays about the books they're reading, like last year's amazing "Hunger Games" play, written by one of her students and performed in her classroom for visiting classes period-by-period. Amazing!

Her classes regularly incorporate theatre games, creative book reports, musical interpretations, poetic responses to literature, dramatic responses to history, and some of the best models and displays you'll ever see.

This little effort is modeled in this slightly jittery and out-of-focus effort by first-time-videographers from 6th Grade Tech Academy students, who had just finished their own in-costume "Book of the Dead" project on Ancient Egypt, which you can see on a different article.

Mike Szymanski January 13, 2012 at 02:00 AM
Mrs. Gold's very cool program is something for all teachers to see (and parents!) Watch the video!
Don Helverson January 25, 2012 at 02:41 PM
She has some new projects worth viewing as well, and I'll show you that video in a few weeks. Thanks, Mike, for taking the time machine with us!


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