Walter Reed Middle School Holds Mock Election

Walter Reed's History Department hosted a mock presidential election on election day!

Tomer Kleinman, Coordinator of the Small Learning Communities at Walter Reed, helped lead the History Department to an excited, envigorating, educational mock presidential election today. 

Students learned about the electoral college, when they learned that each classroom was worth a certain amount of electoral college votes, and a simple one vote lead would win their candidate all the points, even though 49% of the votes may be for the opponent.

"This lesson is eye-opening for kids," said History Teacher, David Graham, "because they run it, they tabulate it, and they have to explain it. When they're done, they understand the whole system."

In many classrooms, pictures of the 2000 election map filled the white boards, and students had to speculate on their hypothetical budget. The whole process helps to make a politically aware and savvy student body. 

"They'll understand better how to be part of the process," offered Wendy Mintz, History Teacher for the Technology Academy's 7th and 8th graders.

It was a total, all-school success. 


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