Shia LaBeouf Banned from Sherman Oaks Restaurant

The manager didn't take too kindly to the actor reportedly relieving himself against a wall in the back parking lot.

Shia LeBeouf. Patch file photo.
Shia LeBeouf. Patch file photo.
One for the celebrity-behaving-badly-(again) file: The Local Peasant restaurant in Sherman Oaks has banned actor Shia LaBeouf from eating there again.

The actor, who was arrested Thursday under the suspicion of disorderly conduct, trespassing and harassment during a performance of Broadway's Cabaret in New York, had a little trouble in Sherman Oaks only a month before, reports TMZ.com.

LaBeouf reportedly "meandered" to the back of the restaurant, which was suspicious enough to catch the eye of the manager who followed. There, the manager witnessed the actor peeing on a wall in the parking lot, TMZ says.

No wallflower, the manager confronted LeBeouf, and a strange apology "in an odd rant" ensued.

The actor then returned to the restaurant and tried to order a meal, but the manager wasn't in the mood. He kicked LeBeouf out; the actor vowed never to return ..., which, as TMZ reports, was just fine with the manager.


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