Kids Learn Standard Games at an Old-Fashioned Picnic

Remember SPUD, egg tosses and three-legged races? Some kids don't.

Children today may know how to text, play Minecraft and build , but some of them don't know how to play a game of SPUD, have never tried an egg toss and never competed in a three-legged race.

gathered Sunday for the second annual summer "Old-Fashioned Picnic" where the idea was to have no batteries, nothing plug in and certainly nothing that blows up. 

Yes, there were bouncers in other part of on Sunday, but this group had obstacle courses using hula hoops, threw rings on traffic cones and ran races with eggs on spoons.

PTA President Bonnie George unfurled the new Panther mascot logo and both new families and longtime school families attended. The back-to-school picnic was to prepare children for school beginning in a few short weeks, and find out what everyone has been doing during the short summer.

See some of the photos above in the gallery that people took of the event, and add yours if you were there, too.


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