Tables Turn for Culinary Academy

The newest academy at Walter Reed Middle School, The Culinary Academy, celebrated its new kitchen donated by Cordon Bleu by hosting its first banquet night of the year.

With foods from around the world, and signs and flags indicating the nations represented in each serving dish, Mr. Terjimanian, the History and English teacher, Ms. Moore, the cooking instructor, and Ms. Mansfield, Math and Science, hosted the Culinary Academy's first ever Banquet Night—A Feast of Nations and Nationalities.

A packed house, delighted crowd, and proud hosts cheered as Walter Reed's principal, Donna Tobin, gave a welcoming and grateful thanks for all the volunteers, terrific foods, and creative, well-attended  event.

Walter Reed's Library hosted the event, though the food came hot from the newly installed ovens in the Cordon Blue kitchen in the B Building.

It was a purely social event with cultural significance for the many contributors to the dinner offerings. Ms. Moore handled the majority of the events' catering with support and help from dedicated and tireless parents.

Congratulations on a successful launch of the first Banquet Night for the school year. 


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