Read Statements of the Studio City Neighborhood Council Nominees

Links to the candidates and their statements are below.

Here are links to the statements that the 24 people running for have submitted.

Studio City Patch welcomes all nominees to post their statements, additional information or blogs onto the site as well. For instructions, click here.

Any stakeholder who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the election who lives, works or owns property within the SCNC boundaries can vote.

Stakeholders may vote ONLY in the categories for which they are qualified. Only property owners may vote for the residential homeowner seat, only employees may vote for employee seat, etc. Every stakeholder who qualifies in a specific category is given an At-Large ballot, as well. Therefore, all stakeholders will vote for a minimum of two seats. Some stakeholders may qualify in more than one category (say, renter and employee) in which case they will vote in more than two categories. The youth vote can be for anyone 15 to 18.

At the moment, the most competitive race is for Residential Homeowners, where nine people are competing for three seats. In the Residential Renters category, six people are vying for three seats.

Only two candidates are registered in the Business Representative seat, where there are three slots. 

At the moment, the Employee/Independent Contractor, Youth and Service Organization races are not competitive races.

However, some switching can still occur before the final ballots are compiled.

Below is the list and the categories of the candidates and links to their statements, whether they are on Patch or on the Empower LA site. We will continue to link them as they are added.

Click on the names for their statements. If the candidate has a specific statement on Patch, the link will go to that. Also see photos of the candidates in the gallery above. Those photos will rotate periodically so as not to favor anyone specifically.

The names followed by * below are incumbents now serving on the Neighborhood Council.


Service Organization (2 seats available)

Service Organization    *

Service Organization     *

Residential Homeowners (4 seats available)

Residential Homeowners Seats    Sarah Angel

Residential Homeowners Seats   

Residential Homeowners Seat    Dan Nieman

Residential Homeowners Seats    Matt Pyken

Residential Homeowners Seats    Lisa Sarkin *

Residential Homeowners Seats    Gail Steinberg*

Residential Homeowners Seats    *

Residential Homeowners Seat    Lisa Yacoubian

Residential Homeowners Seats    g *

Residential Renters (3 seats available)

Residential Renters Seats    Jane Drucker

Residential Renters Seats    Karen Eisenberg

Residential Representative    Geoffrey Going

Residential Renters Seats    Arthur Hughes

Residential Renters Seats    Lana Shackelford *

Residential Renters Seats    Ronald Taylor *


Business Representatives (3 seats available)

Business Representatives    Scott Ouellette

Business Representatives    Rita Villa *

At-Large Stakeholder (1 seat available)

At-Large Stakeholder Seat    Lisa Davis

At-Large Stakeholder Seat    Sam Humeid

Youth Board Member (1 seat)

Youth Board Member    Pasha Vafaee *

Employee Representative (2 seats)

Employee Representatives    John Lawler

Employee Representative    Shoshana Raphael

Again, please consider adding your statement to Studio City Patch. Click on START A BLOG above under the photos on the front page or, for detailed video instructions.


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