405 Closure: Alan Dymond Plans to Be Away, Suggests Others Stay Home With Their Kids

What are the locals doing to avoid Carmageddon?

If Lady Gaga and Ashton Kutcher and Kim Kardashian can help spread the word about alternative things to do, in our Studio City Countdown to Carmageddon, we’ll have locals offer tips about what they think you should do in this potential traffic snarl. Click on the   link above to find more stories and advice.


Alan Dymond, president of the Studio City Residents Association

 “We are going on vacation [to the Glacial Lakes area of Minnesota] so we will be away for it all,” Dymond said.

“We do have some house guests who will be around and we told them to just stay at home, and don’t go out.” 

Dymond recalled that such a similar hoopla was made during the Olympic games in 1984 and how there were predictions of gridlock and traffic jams.

“It turned out not to be too bad after all, and the tales of doom were all for nothing,” Dymond said. “Just have some common sense on the day. If you are going north or south on the 405 then spread your travel out and allow for more time. There is a mountain range between us and the Westside and there are limited ways to get through.”

He said he was concerned about the firemen, police, nurses and caregivers who help people and the shut-ins that may be affected by the closure.

“I do feel sorry for them, but everyone else should just stay away,” he said.

Dymond added, “It’s a time to spend some time with the kids.”


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