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Patch is not a passive sport—get involved. How do you post an Announcement? How do you Blog? The answers are all here.

is not a passive sport. As you may have noticed, we have lots of opportunities to get you involved. Sure, it may be fun to read, but it's time you took a chance to dive in, too. Make this your online social network.

This is a place to post some , it's a place to it's a place to promote your business, and it's a place to tell your stories.

Watch the video above about .

We have made it easier to get involved. We have some video instructions to help you out and keep it simple.

Some of you tell me you don't sign up for things because you like your privacy. Don't worry, our lists are not sold, your private emails are kept private, and there is no personal intrusion. You can write as little or as much as you wish in your , and you can add as many pictures or video as you like. You'll have to click on a few links to see the video instructions.

Daily News

There's a Newsletter (look under Goodies down at the bottom of the page), and if you don't want a summary of Patch every day cluttering your email box, then you can sign up for just a weekly report. You can get a weekly subscription that highlights the most popular stories of the week by clicking WEEKLY, and get special business updates, too.

First, get started. Have you?

Dive in! Take the plunge, find out all about Patch. Vote in our polls, look for volunteers to help your cause, find up to the minute traffic and gas prices or browse through the photo (on the tab above on the right).

Do you have something to tell everyone?

How do you find an old story?

The most popular columns are listed in the tabs at the top of the page, such as the list is under the NEWS tab above. Explore some of those. 

Then, there's the SEARCH box which you can only get to by clicking on the little magnifying glass on the BLUE BAR on the top right of the page (to the right of MORE STUFF). (I know, I hate it too.) Then, you can type in a term there, or a name, and then click on the category on the list to the left of the SEARCH BOX (I suggest ARTICLES unless you are looking for a business). Then, I suggest you click on the SORT BY and go by DATE (not RELEVANCE) for the most recent story on that topic, or by that person.

How do I found an Announcement?


How do you get something in the Calendar?

If you're a business owner or manager or publicist then CLAIM IT.

Video Tutorial: Unlock the Power of Your Listing By Claiming It!


Our team of researchers actually hit the streets and visited businesses, schools, parks, libraries and more so we can provide photos as well as detailed information such as products sold and hours of operation. To contact us about the listing for your business or organization, email us at directorysupport@patch.com. If you own or manage a business or organization in our directory, claim it at studiocity.patch.com/search/listings.

We also have weekly and you can email ideas for that to MikeS@Patch.com, and maybe your business will win a certificate.

We've got Widgets and Apps!

Patch News API - Get Hyperlocal News for Your Application

Do you want to Advertise?

That's not something the Studio City Patch Editor gets involved with, so don't ask him about advertising prices, however, you can ask the advertising guy for Patch, at dominique@patch.com or (818) 451-8153.

How do you get a Story Covered?

If it's an or then and post it. If it's a p you can put that up too. If you want it in our area, go ahead and do it.

If you have some , too. But, if you have another news item you need then, please contact Mike Szymanski, the editor of the Studio City Patch at MikeS@patch.com.

Have a News Tip? Click on the Send us news tips button on CONTRIBUTE at the bottom of the front page.

You want to Blog?

Anyone can COMMENT by and then you can click on the button in the middle of the front page that says START A BLOG. You fill out the form, confirm you are older than 14 and just get started. No obligation for how many times you need to blog a week, or a word count or anything like that. We'll review it and post. Please add photos and video to every post!

More easily, you can just COMMENT. At the bottom of every story there's a comment box. 


Technical issues? Forgot a password, can't sign in? Have a blogging question? Contact Help@Patch.com

Some overall Patch information and tips:

Patch FAQs

Other parts of Patch:

How do I find a Patch site elsewhere?

Now stop reading, and get engaged!

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