Local Legend, Fran Quigley, Turns 99

The Studio City resident has an award named after her and just celebrated her 99th birthday.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The has one of their most prestigious awards for volunteerism named after her: The Frances Quigley Award. Her longtime friend, Claudia Freedle attended her 99th birthday recently, and wrote this story about her. Thank you, to Barry Wise of for the photo.)


Fran was born in 1913 in Lincoln Nebraska, the eldest of four children. In 1935, Fran graduated the University of Nebraska majoring in Journalism and Education.

In 1937 Fran came to Southern California on vacation to visit with friends and immediately knew this would be her new home.  She found employment with the local Studio City Newspaper and, after a short while, became part owner. (The newspaper was located at 12345 Ventura Blvd., the present location of Tommy Ray’s Restaurant.)

Fran met her husband Bob in 1940; they were married in 1942.  Bob was in the Navy and was transferred to Corpus Christi, Texas.  They lived there until 1945 when they moved back to Studio City.

Fran resumed working for the Studio City Newspaper and became very involved with the Studio City Chamber of Commerce.  She made it her goal to have all of the Studio City merchants become involved with their community through the Chamber.  Fran and her associates had membership drives, sold cookbooks, etc.; the membership grew beyond their expectations.

Fran and her husband moved back to Nebraska in 1948; they opened a restaurant.   Fran also went to work for the local newspaper writing her column on timely happenings in the area entitled “Quigley’s Quips and Quotes." Fran also resumed her teaching in the local public school.

They returned to Studio City in 1952 and bought their present home. Fran was an avid golfer; she and her husband did quite a bit of traveling around the country where Fran could always find a local golf course.

Fran again became involved with the Studio City Chamber of Commerce working closely with the local businesses and the community and resumed her teaching career.

In 1990, through Fran’s continued association with the Chamber and the community, she organized a group called the Civic Organization.  This organization was very active in keeping the community informed of the proposed businesses and expansions for the Studio City area.

When Tony Lucente was elected President of the Studio City Residents Association at about 1990, he contacted Fran and her Civic Organization and asked them to join with him and be members of his first board. From that day, up until 2005, Fran has been a dedicated, hard working member of the SCRA Board.  While serving on the SCRA Board, Fran organized the SCRA Museum and History Committee. Under Fran’s leadership, it became a very busy, productive group dedicated to preserving our Studio City culture.    

The Civic Organization is still a hard working, community based group and Fran is still a working member on their Executive Board. In 1994, the Civic Organization honored Fran with an award for Outstanding Service.  The Organization named the award “" It is a special award (often presented by Fran herself) to an outstanding member of the Studio City Community for their hard work.

Fran is also very active with the Sherman Oaks Garden Club, is still a member of the Studio City Chamber of Commerce, a Board member of the Civic Organization and an active member of the Studio City Residents Association.


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