How Do You Tell When It's a Red Flag Day, Camellia Ave. Paving and More

Questions include the Studio City Farmers Market and other local issues. Please put your questions down below in the Comments area.

Do you have a question about Studio City? Community activist Lisa Sarkin is answering questions about the history, government and problems in our area in this You Ask..Studio City Patch Answers column. She knows who to call and where to go to get things done. Send your questions to editor   or leave them in the Comments section below. Thanks!

Red Flag Days

How do we ever tell if there is a Red Day and when not to park in certain areas in the hill or not?—Barry Jenner

The Red Flag Days are announced on TV and radio. You may also call the city’s 311 information line and ask if you think a Red Flag Day has been announced.

Dog Poo Down the River

Are dogs allowed to walk along the Los Angeles River? Isn't that unsanitary if all the poo washes down to the ocean?—Jane Cramer

The unofficial position from City Hall about the flood control channel’s access roads is that they may be used for walking. The access roads along the Studio City channel area are often used by people walking their dogs. The same rule applies for walking dogs in the dog parks, channel area or on a sidewalk—!

Farmers Market Board

How do you get on the board of the? Are they open to ideas?—Craig DiMico

I suggest you contact the Studio City Residents Association: www.studiocityresidents.org; 818-509-0230.

Camellia Avenue Paving?

Why is Camellia Avenue (in the first block north of Moorpark Street) only paved on one side of the street?—Joe D.

The houses without the pavement were built before the other houses on Camellia, and the dedication has not been taken to widen the street from the original owners. The same type of problem is also located on Beck, one block south the Moorpark.

John Walker May 16, 2011 at 02:34 PM
When do the potholes in the Colfax Meadows of studio city get filled?
Lisa Sarkin May 16, 2011 at 09:24 PM
Before the last weekend of potholes repairs being filled around the City of Los Angeles, four Studio City stakeholders drove all around writing down addresses where potholes needed to be repaired. More than 200 addresses were collected. Those addresses were electronically submitted to Street Services, but no potholes were filled in Studio City. Since that time, some of the numerous potholes have been filled and the list will be revised and resubmitted. I believe about 5 of the 45 potholes within Colfax Meadows were filled, leaving so many more to be filled. I hope this next "Pothole Weekend" gets more done for Studio City.
Lisa Sarkin May 16, 2011 at 09:38 PM
I want to encourage everyone seeing potholes to write down the address closest to them and call 311 to report the potholes. The mayor is requesting these phone calls through the city's 311 system. Maybe by using that method, the potholes in Studio City will get more attention from Street Services.


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