On Being Neighbors With the Begleys

Questions about the vacant lot on Dilling Street near Troost.

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What will be built on the currently vacant lot on Dilling Street east of Troost?  


Hi Barbara—thanks for this inquiry.

Several people have written in asking about the property located on Dilling Street. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Begley (Ed and Rachelle) purchased the property about one year ago and are building a personal residence for themselves in the French Mediterranean Style.  

It will be two stories in about the same footprint as the old house. The pool was removed because the shape was not right for a solar cover.  

Solar panels will be placed on the south facing roof for maximum exposure to the sun. No trees will need trimming because of the second floor full access availability to sunlight. A California basement used for heating and air conditioning will be included.

As most of you know, Ed is into sustainability and the new home will contain all of the elements he discusses on his television show and in public.

The existing home was removed board by board because most of the old wood will be recycled. The old nails will be removed and about 90 percent of the wood will be reused. In fact, the wood has been shipped into Mexico to be used to build a new chapel.

Ed would like to share this experience with you. Please email him at ed@edbegley.com for more information.

The next step will be a grading permit for the basement. I will follow the permit process and report on what is going on in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, please send them in.

I salute Mr. and Mrs. Begley for the responsible new home they are building and hope they enjoy long and healthy lives there. I look forward to being their neighbor.

Leah July 11, 2011 at 06:46 PM
I wish there were more people like Ed that would build houses that FIT into the neighborhood instead of these foreigners coming in and building these cookie cutter HUGE homes on small lots. What ever happened to the Studio City Overlay that WENDY GREUEL was supposed to sign and PAUL KERKORIAN has and is "studying" it for over a year? Is there no one out there that is upset about our charming neighborhoods being destroyed??
Brian July 12, 2011 at 02:56 AM
Now that they have finished the "work-out area" at Woodbridge Park, what will they do with the original spot that they were going to use but just put dirt back. And do they ever water the grass, it looks horrible


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