What Has the Studio City Neighborhood Council Accomplished?

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(Below are the accomplishments froma list created by the SCNC. There are links to the stories where appropriate that Patch covered.)

With the guidance and approval of the, our standing committees have made the following accomplishments possible:

The has undertaken a comprehensive re-evaluation of the organization’s Bylaws and Operating Procedures; to make them more complete and defined for all stakeholders. The committee has tried, as much as possible to anticipate all potential questions so that future SCNC board members and stakeholders, will have a sound and understandable framework for decision-making.

  • Redefined and clarified the definition of stakeholder categories. This reform has achieved greater inclusion in the Council system representation.
  • Evaluated and removal.
  • Clarified the process and purpose of such as grievances and removal Redefined and clarified what constitutes an “official action” by the SCNC board.
  • Restructured the SCNC Bylaws to comply with mandates from the (DONE).
  • by allowing voting privileges when youth becomes 18 years of age.

The is available to all, for projects that the City of Los Angeles allows the SCNC to fund and support within guidelines that benefit Studio City.

  • Sponsored the .
  • Sponsored the at
  • Sponsored the at .
  • Sponsored the Studio City’s of the Los Angeles River.
  • Funded the, including ongoing maintenance of the and beautification projects.
  • Sponsored the program.
  • Funded the and other outreach efforts.
  • Funded the 2012 SCNC elections.
  • Sponsored the events.
  • Contributed funds to .
  • Donated funds for books and the library renovation at Rio Vista Elementary School.
  • Donated funds for the garden at.

The  has created and hosted events within Studio City.

  • Coordinated with the events.
  • Coordinated with the Outreach Committee the Luminaria event at Campo de Cahuenga.
  • Initiated the creation of a 75th Anniversary. With sponsorship from CBS Radford Studios, plaque was installed by the at the Studio City location.
  • Coordinated with Outreach Committee to recognize individuals who have contributed culturally to Studio City. Example: .
  • Coordinated with the Outreach Committee the events.

The is tasked with reviewing new laws and ordinances from the City departments. The SCNC takes an active role to insure Studio City is enhanced by new laws and ordinances.

  • Responded to the proposed and (DEIR) with the Land Use Committee and Transportation Committee.
  • Presented a power point on the state
  • Expressed opposition to political signs that are illegally placed in Studio City. Any candidate who has an shall be asked to remove that sign before participating in debates that are organized by the SCNC.
  • Opposed the expenditure of any City funds or the incurrence of any City debt for the purpose of constructing an NFL Stadium inside the Los Angeles City Limits.
  • Supported the efforts led by Councilman Paul Koretz and the Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich [Report R 10-0264 and Motions 10-0085 and 10-0600] to allow an alternative method of code enforcement, known as (ACE). We support the ACE Ordinance and request that it would be used for all City departments from inception.
  • Approved the submission of a Community Impact Statement (CIS) on the community care facility ordinance.
  • Supported the proposed permeable paving ordinance amending Section 12.21 of the Los Angeles Municipal code to clarify which permeable paving materials are permissible for driveways and parking lots on private property only.
  • Supported the proposed multiple approvals procedural revisions set forth in the February 2011 Discussion Draft amending the various Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) sections set forth in the first paragraph of that document to create consistent procedures for review of the projects requiring multiple approvals, synchronize the expiration period of multiple approvals granted to a single project, clarify language regarding utilization of approvals, eliminate redundancy of extensions of time for quasi-judicial land use approvals, extend the life of previously-granted approvals following the dates specified in the state legislation SB-1185 and AB-3333 and make minor technical corrections, so long as none of the proposed revisions reduce or eliminate any of the hearing or other notifications required under the current LAMC. Additionally, we request that Subdivision 4 or Subsection E of Section 16.50 of the LAMC be deleted in its entirety so that the duration of the Design Review Board Preliminary Review will be 3 years which will be consistent with all other expiration dates provided for in Section 12.25 (D) (1) on page A-6 of the proposed revisions.
  • Opposed any reduction in the emergency call network (911) workforce.
  • Supported the Studio City Residential Floor Area District (RFA).
  • Many more issues related to the quality of life in Studio City.

The (LUC) reviews and comments on all land use applications presented to the Planning Department within Studio City.

  • Formally incorporated the Design Advisory Board into the duties of the LUC.
  • Responded to the proposed Metro/Universal Project and Environmental Impact Reports (DEIR) with the Government Affairs Committee and Transportation Committee.
  • Assisted with the installation of the SmartWalk on Tujunga Avenue.
  • Held the line on large developments within Studio City.
  • Created the ‘SCNC Recommended Conditions for Studio City Condominium and Apartment Developments.’
  • Advised and negotiated with businesses on numerous facade and commercial signage to comply with the Ventura/Cahuenga Boulevard Corridor Specific Plan in Studio City.
  • Drafted Community Impact Statement (CIS) supporting changes suggested in a City Controller’s Performance Audit regarding the Department of Building & Safety and Planning Department on how the department can be made more efficient.
  • Assisted the Studio City Residential Association Overlay Committee to complete and present the (RFA) proposal for the reduction of residential square footage on single family lots.
  • Partnered with the Transportation Committee in the additional installation of Studio City signs around the Studio City boundaries.
  • Received approval to install the sidewalk east of Colfax Avenue on Ventura Blvd.
  • Created the ‘.’
  • Participated in the creation of PlanCheck LA and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Planning Department.
  • Eliminated illegal signage on Ventura Blvd.
  • Created stakeholder advisory committee to discuss the in Studio City.

The  creates, manages and executes marketing communication and event plans designed to attract, inform and engage Studio City stakeholders. Outreach partners with volunteers, local leaders, businesses, nonprofits, community organizations and city departments to better serve the stakeholders needs.

  • Created and launched with newly branded promotional banners: “Make a Difference. Get Involved.”
  • Coordinated, managed and marketed “Mayor’s Day of Service”. Aligned 13 nonprofits, local organizations and city services to participate in “The Good Food Day of Service 2012″. Gave away 150 fruit trees to LA residents.
  • Coordinated with the the development and marketing ofl in December, 2012 at Campo de Cahuenga.
  • Initiated and maintained Facebook Fan Page. Acting content and relationship manager.
  • Coordinatedoutreach efforts.
  • Created, updated and oversaw all collateral material production and distribution. Liaison to press/media.
  • Coordinated SCNC volunteers, event booth, collateral material and marketing/promotion of and at the , LA Heritage Day 2010. National Night Out, Studio City Chamber of Commerce’s 4th of July event at CBS and The
  • Pioneered collective marketing effort by aligning 11 Neighborhood Councils in 2010 Neighborhood Council Board Elections. Oversw all online and offline collateral from creative to execution.
  • Produced new public engagement initiative, celebration, which ignited international awareness of Studio City’s history. The 4 star-studded citywide events drew over 2500 visitors.
  • Supported and promoted SurveyLA.

The reviews and comments on all transportation issues related to Studio City.

  • Assisted homeowners on upperin their efforts to obtain restricted parking for their neighborhood to avoid the neighborhood intrusion caused by hikers and parked cars from people accessing Fryman Canyon.
  • Eliminated the nuisance caused by parked cars and trucks and overnight “camping” in the area of the freeway underpasses on Tujunga Avenue.
  • Facilitated the recovery of lost City parking revenue by calling attention to areas where meters were removed and not subsequently re-installed after construction. Meters are in the process of being re-installed.
  • Advocated for street repairs resulting in improve street conditions in a variety of areas within Studio City.
  • Supported legislation including the, the Modified Parking Requirement District and the proposed ordinance calling for a share of local parking revenue to be spent at the local level.
  • Supported the efforts of FAST – Fixing Anglenos Stuck in Traffic.
  • Called attention to the lack of safety measures at the Maxwellton Crosswalk at Laurel Canyon Boulevard servicing the
  • Assisted a Studio City homeowner to eliminate improperly assessed parking fines.
  • Responded to the proposed Metro/Universal Project and Universal Evolution Draft Environmental Impact Reports (DEIR) with the Government Affairs Committee and Land Use Committee.


In November, 2005, the SCNC voted unanimously to strongly oppose the possible selection of by the Department of Public Works as the location of the tunneling shafts as part of the NorthEast Interceptor Sewer (phase 2), 2) It was the position of the Board of the SCNC that the only feasible location under consideration is the Caltrans Maintenance Station located on Moorpark Avenue near the 170 freeway, and 3) The SCNS Board requested that prior to the environmental impact report (EIR), Councilmember Wendy Greuel join along strongly opposing the possible choice of Woodbridge Park as the site for this project, and insist that the Caltrans Maintenance Station at Moorpark Avenue and the 170 Freeway is the only feasible location.


In September of 2005, the SCNC, because of the severe overdevelopment of the area and the threat to the safety of the children of the Carpenter School because of increased traffic, opposed the proposed development at 11805 Laurelwood Drive, Studio City, 91604 in general, and specifically opposed the developer’s request to vacate the 30 foot street easement; and the developer’s request for a density bonus because of the lack of infrastructure.


In August, 2005, the SCNC hosted a Town Hall Meeting with guest speaker, Ronald Deaton, General Manager of the, to get to the bottom of why energy costs to local residents were skyrocketing while DWP Employees were the recipients of large pay increases.


In July, the SCNC recommended that City Council include the category “sexual orientation” in record-keeping of bias complaints against the Los Angeles Fire Department. According to the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Gay & Lesbian Caucus, there are currently no openly gay or lesbian firefighters among the 3,382 uniformed LAFD personnel. This lack of proportional representation might reasonably be attributed to fear of harassment, bias in promotion practices and other forms of retaliation based on real or perceived sexual orientation.


In June, the SCNC allocated $10,000 for construction of the Sycamore Pocket Park as well as $8,000 annually at $2,000 per quarter to the Studio City Beautification Association for tree maintenance.

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