What Wendy Greuel and Paul Krekorian Have to Say About the Importance of Neighborhood Councils

Greuel and Krekorian came out to vote at their local Neighborhood Council election in Studio City.

Los Angeles City Council Member Paul Krekorian was one of the first to vote at Walter Reed Middle School for the Studio City Neighborhood Council. He had many other councils that were holding elections that day, but he had to cast his ballot at his local council.

Wendy Greuel, the city controller who is also running for Mayor of Los Angeles, also came to vote, later in the day, even though she was late for a meeting across the Valley.

"I have to be in Porter Ranch, right now," she smiled as she signed in. A few voters allowed her to get in line ahead to get the several ballots she was eligible for in the elections.

Both of them live in Studio City, both of them have worked closely with many of the candidates on the Council. Both of them have been helped (and criticized) by the Council, too.

Krekorian, although he had worked with many of the candidates for years and championed the Neighborhood Council system, took a long look at all the candidates, reading their statements that were posted on the wall outside.

There was one Neighborhood Council who even questioned his position as a stakeholder at one of the elections in the past. Yes, they take it seriously.

Both Krekorian and Greuel expressed the importance on the local elections—they are as important as the city-wide elections that they are both involved in—and they talked about the significance and importance of the Studio City Neighborhood Council in particular.

Empower LA poll manager Stephen Box, who has worked Neighborhood Council elections for the past five years, said he was impressed that Greuel and Krekorian both showed up at the polls. 

"You are my first," Box said, shaking Krekorian's hand. "I haven't seen another council member come to one of these before."

Krekorian was sure his fellow council people had voted in their elections, and he had voted before, but said he was flattered.

See the video above for what they had to say.

For more information about the council, always look in the NEWS tab above, and see:

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Miki Henderson September 22, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Hah! I was the one who let Wendi go in front of me because she was in such a hurry... I have to say, frankly, I am very surprised that she attended something like this, and I'm glad to see that she and PK came down to vote with the "little people". Wouldn't it be better if we could vote by mail, though?


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