Jose Martinez
Jose is a native of Los Angeles with more than 15 years experience as a professional journalist. He's old enough to remember when the city had two professional football teams at the same time and when the Magic Johnson led Lakers' Showtime, and Fernandomania ruled the town.
A graduate of CSUN with a degree in Film Theory and Criticism, Jose knew he was destined to become a writer when a friend noticed his favorite Muppets characters were the crabby, old critics. An editor at Venice Magazine, one of the city's leading arts and entertainment publications, Jose writes for numerous outlets including Blurt-Online, Los Angeles Alternative Press, Music Connection, DGA Magazine, SLAM, Nylon, Written By, and the Tribune family newspapers among others. A published author, Jose penned the biography of former P.O.W. Edgar Hernandez in 2010 in addition to running both the Los Angeles Marathon and the New York Marathon. In his free time, Jose works as a Heath Coach where he helps, encourages and motivates clients to lose weight to reach their optimum health potential. A runner, a hiker, a foodie and a fan of travel, there's nothing better to this writer than incorporating his passions into his work and informing readers about something they may not have been aware of.
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