Pillows & Beyond, Inc.
Interior Design Firm & Antiquitites Botique
Pillows &Beyond is the premier antiquities boutique, custom home soft goods curator, and residential as well as commercial interior design firm in southern California. Founded in 1983 in Studio City, our design philosophy is one that centers on providing clients luxurious, comfortable, functional, and welcoming surroundings they can enjoy for years to come. Our innovative and refreshing approach to incorporating the treasures of the past with elements of the present make us one of the most sought-after design firms in the industry. Our list of celebrity clients includes Beyoncé, Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, Alex Trebek, Sharon Osbourne, Janet Jackson, Jessica Simpson, and Karen White to name a few. At Pillows & Beyond, we know that pillows are just the beginning and we look forward to helping you create a space you will never want to leave.
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